A downloadable game for Windows

A local multiplayer game for 2 to 4 pigs.
The pigs are trapped inside a cage and are able to jump onto all the faces of the cage.
Each jump creates a shockwave that can defeat other pigs.

Jump onto blocks to throw them to the opposite side.
You win if you are the last pig standing.

Gamepads are supported

Keyboard Controls : (4 players on one keyboard might not work perfectly)

Player 1 :
up : up arrow
down : down arrow
left : left arrow
right : right arrow
jump : right ctrl

Player 2 :
up : E
down : D
left : S
right : F
jump : left ctrl

Player 3 :
up : O
down : L
left : K
right : M
jump : space

Player 4 :
up : numpad 5
down : numpad 6
left : numpad 3
right : numpad 9
jump : numpad enter

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Published193 days ago
TagsLocal multiplayer, Ludum Dare 37


buildJam02.rar (25 MB)
buildsPostJam01.rar (25 MB)

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